Barrie Clubb and Pauline Richards at their Greendale premises.

Who are these guys?

Barrie Clubb has been working in advertising and production for over 30 years, helping many NZ businesses to grow and reach their full potential. As a highly skilled graphic designer, Barrie originally started the business producing graphic design. Due to industry changes, business has changed over the years to include more and more manufacturing. Barrie has a knack for collecting machinery, so we now run a CNC router, several print machines and a cutting machine, with manufacturing being the mainstay of our business. In his spare time, Barrie runs community music concerts, writes and performs poetry, and makes live recordings for local musicians.

Pauline Richards has worked in the family business since she was a little girl, helping her Dad to develop slides, take photos and turning his desk into a playground. Now that she has kids of her own, she works on production while her kids turn the desk into a playground. With her degree in Business Management majoring in Marketing and Small Enterprise management, she understands the needs of local businesses, so together Barrie and Pauline can tailor products that look fantastic and work well in the marketplace. In her spare time, she goes scooter riding with her kids, and when she can talk her Dad into babysitting, she goes Ceroc dancing.